Suspension and removal of outrageous courier and logistics licences imposed by NIPOST

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Dear National Assembly,

There is no undermining the huge economic importance of an efficient logistics system to the value chain of our business and industries in Nigeria.

There is also no denying that businesses and industries have been struggling to solve their logistics headache over the years, a problem that have triggered the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit among Nigerians to create solutions in various forms and at different levels to these logistics problems, a drive that has birthed several courier and logistics businesses all fighting in different capacities to reduce the logistics challenges in the country, optimize the business processes for businesses that have logistics as a critical part of their value chain while contributing so massively to the Nigerian economy and creating jobs.

However, recent publications as regards courier and logistics licensing coming from the Nigerian Postal Service who doubles as a regulator and player in the logistics industry has warranted the need for this petition, where NIPOST pegged several outrageous licensing costs on existent and potential players in the courier and logistics industry.

In a space saturated by entrepreneurs, continuously finding innovative ways to solve logistics problems, while contributing to the economy, ensuring business and economic growth, providing jobs and putting foods on their own table, it is disheartening that NIPOST by virtue of these outrageous licensing costs is effectively out to frustrate and cut out these entrepreneurs whose only crime is the drive to solve problems.

The ripple effect is unimaginable, thousands of entrepreneurs and their employees would all be pushed back into unemployment and businesses that have come to depend on their logistics services and structures in their operational chain would also suffer.

We are hereby calling on the National Assembly to once again come to the rescue of the Nigerian people and entrepreneurs, order a suspension of these outrageous licensing costs, demand a data driven review of same and if possible initiate a dialogue with entrepreneurs and players who will be paying these licensing costs to find a common ground.

If the status quo remains, NIPOST will be doing more harm to the Nigerian economy that we can begin the fathom, the hardship, unemployment, investment loss and spike in cost of doing business and cost of accessing logistics services in Nigeria would be crippling to our development drive as a Nation, home-raised and international investment interests into logistics based entrepreneurs would also be greatly affected.

Dear National Assembly, Over to you!