Stop the Asatru Folk Assembly from creating an all white church in Murdock Minnesota.

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On December 9th, 2020 the Murdock City Council voted to grant the Asatru Folk Assembly a Conditional Use Permit to hold their whites-only religious ceremonies in the residentially zoned former church building. The Asatru Folk Assembly is identified as a Neo-völkisch hate group, which means they have similar ideations as Nazis. The AFA bought this property in the summer of 2020, which they need a conditional use permit in order to host ceremonies on the property. This is incredibly dangerous to the BIPOC that live in Murdock and something needs to be done about it. Also a reminder do not donate to petitions as the money does not go to the creator of the petition. If you want to donate somewhere please donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center and direct the funds to hate watch groups in Murdock specifically.