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Parents and community members of the Kansas City Public Schools want to keep their district intact, keep their current elected school board, keep their Superintendent and be allowed to keep implementing the current turnaround plan in conjunction with the MO Department of Secondary and Elementary Education.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Missouri House of Representatives Education Committee.

Vote Down House Bill No 2043

Recently Missouri Representative Myron Neth of Liberty introduced Bill No 2043 in the House of Representatives. The bill proposes to split the Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) into two groups of schools.

Top performing quartile of schools governed by a 5-member special administrative board (SAB) appointed by the Commissioner of Education and the Mayor. The SAB has power to select a CEO with authority to make hiring decisions, contractual obligations and to restructure existing programs.

Lower performing quartiles of schools turned into renewal charters with their own governing boards.

Prior to the Winter break the District Advisory Committee (DAC), conducted town halls to help parents and community members understand the effects of loss of accreditation and current governance options being considered, including dissolution, annexation and charterization. They led breakout sessions regarding what our children, schools and KCPS needed in order to improve student achievement.

While everyone acknowledges past years of dysfunction at the board and district level, the current board has stabilized and changed to one of policy governance. Parents and community members recognize this change and overwhelmingly reiterated their support for maintaining the district, an elected board, a stable superintendent and continued implementation of the transformation plan with its focus on academic turnaround in conjunction with Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

If you believe the House Education Committee should take into consideration the input of key stakeholders such as KCPS parents and community members and vote no on House Bill No 2043, please sign the petition and be sure to include your own reasons for not supporting the bill.