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The Mirage Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International: Free the dolphins trapped in the Mojave Desert at the Mirage Las Vegas

To a dolphin, a pool is a cage. These fast moving animals, which form complex social groups when free, cannot behave naturally in captivity. The morality rates and abnormal behaviors of captive dolphins prove that a lack of stimulation causes them terrible stress. Pools are miserably too small for large, far ranging animals that would swim up to 50 miles a day in the wild. Swim with programs are not regulated by the USDA so deaths and injuries often go unreported. Captive dolphin attractions around the world create a demand for live dolphins which are often taken from brutal and bloody hunts.


Beneath all the glitz and glamour (& debauchery) of Las Vegas lies a tourist trap called The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Within this small network of pools currently lies 9 dolphins. These 9 dolphins include 3 generations of captive slaves, 2 dolphins stolen from the wild in the 80s, and 2 dolphins from SeaWorld - one of which is known to have bitten a small child! These dolphins are subjected to the unforgiving Mojave sun as well as fumes from the highways surrounding Sin City.


MGM properties are the largest owners on the Strip, with the Mirage being the hotel that made the Las Vegas strip resort what is it known for today. MGM has already made a step in the right direction by choosing to retire the former lions at the MGM resort. We are aware that the majority of the dolphins at the Mirage have been born in captivity, but still believe these dolphins have the right to retire from performing and breeding. A dozen dolphins have already given your establishment the name "Dolphin Death Pool". Please do not let anymore dolphins suffer. 

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