Stop the Repetitive Internet Shutdown in Rajasthan

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We are living in 21th century of developing India, Where we are dreaming and our government is promoting the dream of "Digital India".  But here we are facing a serious issue i.e "Internet Shutdown".

Internet shutdown usually happen to avoid communal disharmony due to any wrong comments done on social media. But here that's not the case. 

We all are fed-up with this regular Internet shutdown at several regions of Rajasthan again and again in past few months. Our state government and authorities are taking such ruthless decisions.

The so called reason for shutting down the Internet is to avoid "cheating". The official statements are like, they want to stop the spreading of the "Question paper" via whatsapp, facebook and other social media platforms.

Oh seriously? Why don't you just stop 'leaking' the question paper at first place, Instead of banning the Internet of whole city or state.

This is happening more often in my native city "Udaipur" . Looks like this is how we are headed to become a ‘smart’ city and ‘IT’ hub. If Govt. is incapable, one can suggest to placing mobile phone "Jammers" at exam centers. But here again they said "We don't have enough numbers of jammers to place it on all exam centers".

Now the Internet has become a TOY in the hand of higher authorities. By making such decisions they just want to pretend that they are taking some actions to conduct fair examinations, but in turn it's not a smart and intelligent decision. 

Before the evolution of Internet, Such exams used to be conducted fairly or unfairly. The internet is the not only medium of leaking the question paper. It was/is/will used to happen using various other channels such as phone calls, sms, photocopies etc. It will not stop until authorities will take strong decisions against the corrupt people at first place or at the top positions. 

This year alone, Internet was shut down in Rajasthan eight times in 2018, according to a report by the Hindustan Times. In the last four years, Rajasthan, at 25, holds the record of having the second highest number of Internet shutdowns ordered by a state, only after Jammu & Kashmir, which stands at 73.

Let's take a look of all series on Internet ban happened in last one month till the date.

  • July 14th - 15th. Rajasthan Police Constable Entrance Exam
  • Aug 5, 2018: "RAS Exam"
  • Aug 27, 2018: "MBC Banswara Police Constable Exam"

There has been series of such Internet ban in last one year. Even it's for few hours it causes great loss.

What people are saying?

People are not happy with such regular internet ban. People said that the police should bust gangs involved in cheating rather than imposing internet ban. People are reacting among various social media platform and very much angry.

Here is snippet of a humorous sarcasm:

"Udaipur me kal phir Internet seva rahegi band

LKG aur UKG class ke 1st test - 2018 ke chalte band rahega internet, subh 9 se sham 5 baje tak band rahega internet.

Internet band ke chalte karna padega pareshani ka saamna"

Where it's impacting?

"The fourth most important entity after 'Roti, Kapda aur Makaan' is Internet in today's world."

It's impacting businesses of various sectors like tourism, travel, foreign travelers, foreign exchanges, e-mitra, companies, IT Industries, private sectors, students and every citizen which are completely running on the internet. All the online services come to a standstill when the internet services are snapped. People can’t book taxies, order foods, use netbanking on their mobile phones or transfer money online. 

Let's take a look of reaction of several media houses:

Times of India:

"In its freaky fear to check cheatings in a recruitment exam, the state authorities seem to have trampled upon the rights of citizens who are not involved with the event in any way. For two days the internet services will practically remain suspended in all major cities where the exam is being held. Taking preventive measures to curb a menace or a crime is doable but curtailing a common man’s rights for it is like trying to cover up own ineptitude. Why majority of people unrelated to the tests be denied internet services for two days? Doctors, businessmen and others might need net for urgent matters. It would have been better if the authorities had rather concentrated on hiring test invigilators who could remain alert."
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Indian Express:

"n May, a UNESCO-International Federation of Journalists report had said that India witnessed the highest number of internet shutdowns in 2017-18."

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The Quint:

"Burn the house to roast the pig.

This pithy phrase aptly sums up the Rajasthan government’s attitude towards governing the internet. Starting at midnight on 14 July, internet services shall remain suspended across the entire state on Saturday and Sunday.

But why, you ask? Because the state needs to conduct its Constable Recruitment Examinations

The Rajasthan government’s love affair with the internet kill switch has meant that the state is behind only Jammu and Kashmir in shutting access to the internet."

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And more such media reports:

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