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Stop the Threat of Rabies in Vietnam!

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Research has revealed that the spread of rabies in Vietnam and throughout Asia is partly because of the many dogs being smuggled across the borders in the illegal dog meat trade.

Because of the possibility of a rabies epidemic, positive steps are being taken to end the dog meat trade. There is a new law in effect that bans the transportation of unvaccinated dogs. It requires those traveling with live dogs to have those dogs vaccinated and produce required documents. This law was brought into effect to reduce the spread of rabies.

So many criminals in the dog meat trade have not been held accountable for their crime and continue without any consequence to their actions. So a question arises: why is there still a continual shipment of dogs allowed from other countries after the new law has come into effect?

The threat imposed on Vietnam’s citizens by unvaccinated dogs that were brought in by criminals still exists. As one of the distributors of the dog meat trade, Vietnam has become part of this cruel industry. It has been reported that unvaccinated dogs illegally brought into Vietnam infect the region with rabies. Dogs are captured and killed for their meat without regard that they may be infected with rabies. This is a risk that makes human beings vulnerable to suffering and death.

If this is not stopped Vietnam's government will have failed one very important responsibility: to keep its citizens safe.

The threat of rabies is not just found in being exposed to the dogs; Vietnam’s citizens are vulnerable to rabies when they consume infected meat. This is Russian roulette since it is impossible to know which dog actually has rabies
It is heartbreaking to think that this trade can be stopped at any moment and yet the government is silent about the many criminal acts taking place in the dog meat trade including not vaccinating every dog that comes through.

The people of any society look to their government for protection and if good people are not given this protection, they learn not to trust in their government.

We ask that the authorities in Vietnam stand as a strong force against the illegal dog meat trade and send a message that this lawlessness will not be tolerated and that the good people of Vietnam could rest in the fact that the government will look after its people.

We are asking the Vietnamese authorities to stop the illegal importation of dogs for the dog meat trade from other countries. This would ensure safe measures for the people of Vietnam and slow down the efforts of the illegal dog meat trade.

This heroism would reveal to the world that the Vietnamese authorities will stand with integrity and do what is necessary to end the threat of rabies by ending the dog meat trade.

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We must be informed to do the most good for these dogs.


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