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Close Down the Banjarmasin Zoo and Rescue the Animals

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The orangutan seems so ill. His body is very thin he is looking anorexic . We can see he is very weak and his temperature is high. There is blood in his faeces. In his cage, there is no place to hide from provocative bad visitors. The visitors also try to give him cigarettes. If he is not rescued very soon he will die.

Besides the orangutans, there are another animals in that zoo; sunbear (Helarctos malayanus), proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), gibbon (Hyobates sp), long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascilaris), and monkey (Macaca nemestrina). Deprived of food they are always starving hungry; they only eat bananas once a day.

We have many reasons to close down this zoo:

1. Physically it is impossible to improve this zoo. The land is too small and all the cages are wrong design. The cages are all too small with concrete floors, and the visitors are able to easily touch the animals. As the result of the very bad conditions in which the zoo animals are held, the physical abuse they receive, being fed little and poor food every day, the animals are mentally and physically ill.

2. The zoo management have no technical or management experience to enable them to care appropriately for the zoo animals. The zoo does not meet even the most basic standard of animal welfare. Sick animals receive no veterinary treatment.

3. Local government show no interest in the zoo. They have spent 917.550.000 improving the public garden, but nothing was spent on the animals, such as new cages, improved and more food, veterinary treatment.

4. Local BKSDA officials claim this zoo does not have permission to keep an orangutan. This raises the question of was the orangutan obtained illegally?

The Ministry of Forestry should use their authority to confiscate and rescue all the animals from the Banjarmasin zoo.

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