Petition for Nepalese government to cancel SEE and +2 board exams.

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*the pandemic is getting worse here, we need to standup anyhow now*

Due to the recent corona virus outbreak, the Nepalese government decided to postpone SEE for grade 10 and +2 exams for grade 12 until further notice. SEE was postponed less than 24 hours before the exams began. This came as a huge surprise to the students as just few hours earlier the government had told that SEE will not be cancelled. All the students were shocked and stressed as many had been preparing for this exams months earlier. Postponing the exams without any prior notification or whatsoever showed the lack of decission making capacity in the government. The +2 exams were also postponed due to the virus and the stress among the grade 12 students was same. Students who had come from remote villages and were staying in rent barely gathering the money to do so were affected hugely, students who were preparing for long time were in shock.

The ministry of education of Nepal said that the exams will be held after 2 weeks of the lockdown ending. Hearing this the students and the majority general public showed a huge dissatisfaction. 

This showed that our country did not at all focus on education. Exams were deemed more important that the health of students. During this huge crisis the whole world is facing, the government deciding not to cancel the exams instead to conduct it after only 2 weeks of the lockdown ending showed that the government had little or no concern for the health of students . People questioned the education system of this country. Are exams really worth taking when it puts the lives of students on the line? This is a serious question we need to ask to the ministry of education. Putting the lives and health of student at risk to conduct exams is unacceptable. Even PABSON (Private and Boarding Schools' Organisation Nepal) has requested the government to cancel the exams.

These are difficult times where we need to spend time with family and not worry about exams. Every student is worried about there future and are confused in this age. But if they get the virus due to the poor decission making of the government they may never have a future, and no amount of compensation can bring a life back.

So let's join this petition to let our government know that taking exams in this situation is not acceptable at all.

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