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Environment should be made a compulsory subject in the school curriculum.

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At this current time, the world around us is changing at a very rapid pace. Some changes are beneficial, but many of the changes are causing damage to our planet. The tremendous increase in industrial activity during the last few decades and the release of obnoxious industrial wastes in to the environment, have been considerable concern in recent years from the pollution point of view. Environmental pollution on one hand and deforestation, soil erosion, population explosion, global warming, interference in ecosystem and biosphere on the other are threatening the very existence of life on the earth. The environmental problems of today whether it is air and water pollution, ozone depletion, land degradation, deforestation, destruction of ecosystem or mismanagement of waste all damage our natural environment and life on earth. None can afford to be complacent considering enormity of the problem and large area to cover. Take, for example, threat to the forest and wildlife. There is tremendous pressure on forests and unsustainable approach and what is needed most is commitment and dedication to the cause of protection, preservation and conservation of environment.While many people recognize that environmental pollution is an extremely urgent problem but when placed in the context of seemingly more immediate problems such as poverty, crime, corruption and religious and social conflicts, the environment often loses. Hence the field of environment  is a valuable tool for learning more about these changes and how they affect this world . Let's examine a major change that is currently occurring and its relationship to environment. The large change is the dramatic increase in the number of humans on earth. For most of human history, the population has been less than a million people, but the current population has skyrocketed to over seven billion people and counting .Due to this increase in the human population, there has also been an increase in pressure on the natural resources and ecosystem services that we rely on for survival.the Introduction of Environment as a subject  in primary schools and secondary schools will play pivotal role in Environmental awareness of public in general and students in particular. Environmental Awareness will play a key role in polythene ban, wetland restoration, solid waste management and saving forests in the world.

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