Tasmanian Dark MOFO sponsors ARTIST to have bull killed for carcass blood in name of ART

Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch will present his bloody performance ritual 150th Action for the first time in Australia at Dark Park, the festival’s large-scale public art playground at Macquarie Point. 

Known for his performances involving carcasses and blood, Nitsch had an exhibition cancelled in Mexico City in 2015 after an online petition against it attracted more than 5000 signatures.




These displays, of people immersing themselves in the carcasses of dead animals and covering themselves in blood are more than obscene, they are sociopathic. This is one step this side of bestiality.

Surely Hobart, and Tasmania, are better than this. Is this the sort of obscenity that we want our tourists to see? Do we not kill and abuse enough animals already? This bull is to be slaughtered specifically for this event. It is indefensible on every level and we urge our leaders to take a stand and ensure that the event does not go ahead. 

Please sign and share this petition widely. Your signature will trigger a letter to each of the targets named.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Minister for the Arts
    Matthew Groom
  • Leigh Carmichael
  • Lord Mayor of Hobart
    Sue Hickey
  • Premier
    Premier Will Hodgman
  • Leader of the Opposition
    Rebecca White
  • Greens Leader
    Cassy O'Connor
  • Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson
    Andrea Dawkins
  • Cruise Director
    P&O Cruises

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