Request for TMP's fourth season in a new place.

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I've started this petition and I need your help to get it off the ground, because The Mindy Project sitcom had its current third season finale cliffhanger recently and it needs continuance on its own series.

This is what we have learned from that season finale in these steps:

  1. When Mindy became pregnant and already met Danny's real parents, Danny had an extremely stressed out life and could not make a chance meeting Mindy's real parents on time when they flew back to India.
  2. We already revealed that Danny is the real father of Mindy's baby.
  3. During the baby shower, the entire Castellano family exposed their own messed-up related life on each other, and some to the public, on the last minute.
  4. After Mindy's real parents failed to meet Danny's family ahead of time, Danny had no choice but to insist traveling to India and search for Mindy's real parents before time runs out.
  5. Also meanwhile, Beverly meeting Annette and Dot is strictly required supporting this show, since she was finally invited at the baby shower. 

Right now, here are the reasons why we desperately need to request for TMP's fourth season in these steps:

  1. We want to know if Danny found the right real parents of Mindy on the last second of this show.
  2. We also want to see these three rough cranky old women (Beverly, Annette and Dot) continue getting along with each other in a club, talking and arguing as much as they want in both good times and bad times.
  3. We need some more interactions on Jeremy, besides on Morgan and Tamara, to override the imbalance in this show's current main cast.
  4. We also need Morgan to succeed finding a perfect woman permanently.
  5. Finally, the addition of Jean in this show's supporting cast should help a little bit and if both she and Tamara meet each other for the first time, then can talk and argue a lot about their own good times and bad times along the way.

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