Support the Deep-Sea Coral Conservation Amendment

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Support the Deep-Sea Coral Conservation Amendment

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Daniela Pierro started this petition to The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and

There are deep canyons at the bottom of the ocean off the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast, teeming with marine creatures as well as deep-sea corals that are hundreds of years old. Some of these corals are even thousands of years old; amongst the oldest living creatures on earth. These corals are in danger from commercial fishing.

In a process of commercial fishing known as bottom trawling, boats drag heavy, weighted nets along the ocean floor, destroying corals as they go. Fishing gear like bottom trawl nets destroy in minutes the coral that took nature centuries to build.

When that happens, the marine creatures that depend on coral reefs are left vulnerable as well. Coral reefs provide structure and a habitat for diverse marine life, are nurseries for fish, and are essential for the health of the entire ocean.

40% of coral worldwide have already been destroyed.

The coral off the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast can easily be saved, if we act NOW.

The Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, which regulates fishing in these waters, is considering an amendment called the “Deep Sea Corals Amendment to the Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish Fishery Management Plan”. It will protect coral in the following 3 ways:

1. By banning all destructive bottom fishing in the 15 Deep-Sea Canyons on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast; home to many deep-sea corals.

2. By banning the use of bottom-fishing gear deeper than 200 meters below sea-level

3. By providing means to enforce these restrictions.

With this amendment, the Council will protect an estimated 73% of documented corals off the Mid-Atlantic coast.

This is our chance to protect deep-sea corals and the marine life that depends on them! Let’s encourage the Council to seize this opportunity become a global leader in the protection of deep-sea coral by passing this amendment and implementing these management measures.

January 28 is the final day for comments, but every signature counts until they make a decision, sending the Council a clear message from those of us who value marine life and deep-sea corals and want to see them protected. Sign this petition to say “NO!” to destructive bottom fishing and show your support for deep-sea coral conservation.

Sign this petition now to show the Council your support for the amendment!

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Daniela Pierro

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This petition had 3,871 supporters