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Cultural and Geographical heritage defines nationhood of the former colonies of the European Union member states. Sacred heritage hoarding by the EU member nations violate religious rights such as in the Universal Human Rights besides under the European Convention Rights. Heritage Tourism is a major source of livelihood which is infringed by the EU member nations who are former colonial masters. For more information please see the legal notice already served on the President of the EU through the link as below;

Letter to
The Member Nations of the European Union
Please kindly restore all sacred/semi-Sacred and secular heritage looted or expropriated by the member nations of the European Union in the course of their colonization of India. As you can appreciate the European colonization of India and other former European colonies in Africa, Asia and South America were accomplished through the most heinous of crimes against humanity including genocide, ethnic cleansing, desecration of religious places and the like. The sacred heritage looted are all governed by sacred scriptures of all faiths and thus impinges on the right to faith, freedom of expression, religious rights, freedom of worship which are all recognized by the Universal Human Rights as well as European Convention Rights. The heritage from the former European colonies were asked to be returned to the victims of colonization even by the UNESCO but the EU and their member nations are studiously silent and inert to evade their responsibilities to the International Community.

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