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The Mayor of Valcea City Hall and Valcea police Department: To allow Animal welfare group access to the Valcea Public dog shelter

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Right now there are 50 dead dogs who our charity believes were brutally murdered in a public shelter ( see full story below). The local animal welfare group who our charity is helping has sat vigil over the shelter as they/we know there is evidence to bring to task the local authorities and the vet who instigated the massacre, however Valcea Police do not wish to act in accordance with the law they are meant to uphold and enforce and investigate possible animal cruelty

However, the shelter and city hall have come up with the most ludicrous of excuses; they apparently are unable to open the container to allow legally the NGO to take a sample of the bodies as they have lost the key! As for the police, though it is legally their job to act and force that container open as possible animal cruelty has been commited they prefer to ignore the demands of local animal welfare groups to do this.

We demand that city hall allows the NGO access to that container and allows them to take a sample number of the dog’s bodies for post-mortem to find out for certain how they died. If found ( as we suspect and is common place in Romania) the dogs were killed by illegal and abusive means, our charity along with local NGO will be taking the city hall and the vet to court and urging the police to press charges of animal cruelty.

FACTS ABOUT THIS SITUATION - By local animal welfare who were witnesses to all this:

Dogs murdered, the Law Violated in Valcea. An account of how an illegal transport of bodies was halted.

Mrs Viorela Buiculescu (facebook profile: is the new dogs killer of Valcea! The veterinerian hired at the Stray Dogs Public Shelter in Feteni, near Ramnicu Valcea, euthanases perfectly healthy dogs! Apparently the deaths resulted from “natural” causes (illnesses, starvation, dogs fights) were not enough! Her latest feat? Nearly fifty bodies! It goes without saying, the shelter was crammed, they needed to make some room ... some of the dogs murdered had obtained adoption either in Romania or abroad! A perfectly healthy she dog, about whom a memeber of the Association was inquiring constantly and whom the member in question wanted to adopt, was euthanised out of sheer maliciousness!

As the bodies were still on the Feteni Shelter premises, one would expect someone to take them out soon enough, since, on Friday, the 4th of January 2013, “A doua sansa-Ramnicu Valcea” Animal Welfare Association applied constant pressure, both on site, and at the Police Station.

On Monday, 07.01.2013, first thing in the morning, we went in Feteni, at the shelter, so see what was happening! The shelter workers sighted us. At 8 a.m. six dog catchers arrived at the shelter, however, they performed no activities, they simply sat and waited! Two hours later, having roamed around the shelter, we decided to hide! The dog cacthers exited the shelter, started inspecting the area, looked for us for one hour or so, but did not manage to find us! We could spot them talking on the phone, and, after they decided the guests had left, in just a few moments, an Ecoprotan vehicle (the company dealing with picking up bodies), alongside Veterinarian Buiculescu, showed up. The Ecoprotan vehicle got into the shelter yard, it took us but seconds to reach them (surprise!!). Nobody did anything anymore, they all just hid out wherever they could! We dialled emergency line 112 and requested that the Police send someone at the shelter to draft a crime report acknowledging violation of the law and to retain bodies for further examinations! In the meantime, the vet was making desperate phonecalls … The Police got there, but the key to the body storage room could not be found (as usual!)! Attention then turned to the driver of the Ecoprotan vehicle, who was carrying no official documents whatsoever, therefore was about to perform an illegal transport! The driver lost his driving licence, subsequent to his failing to provide papers related to the transport, and to his refusing to open the vehicle (the vehicle was opened only at the District Attorney’s office, forcefully, in the vehicle two dead dogs were found, no one knows where the dogs came from!!). the driver would then say that when he got into the shelter yard with the car, the dog catchers started to scream: “Hold on, here they come!!!” “They” was “us”! The Ecoprotan vehicle was supposed to reach the shelter at half past eight a.m., however the driver received a phonecall, instructing him to “wait a bit”! The vet went in town with some police officers, whilst we would wait, alongside other police officers, for time to … pass! We then went to the Police Station also, the Police promised us they would take bodies from the shelter, to perform tests, in our presence!

Although at noon everyone working at the shelter: the vet, the Public Domain Management Directorate, the Sanitary – Veterinary Directorate, were “on holiday” the vet returned at the shelter, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, in a vehicle belonging to Public Domain Management Directorate , to take some more papers to forger! A worker at the shelter (who is drunk in the wee hours of the morning, as a rule), came outside, at the gate, where several people had remained, and physically assaulted them! Furthermore, he even unzipped his trousers and peed in front of them!!! He didn’t have the courage to act in such a way earlier, in front of the camera and the Police officers!

No one can know for how long the dead dogs are to lie there, in the shelter, since there is no key to that room …. !!
Will veterinarian Buiculescu be punished for her constant battering of the dogs, at our expense, paid from the state budget?
How will the Public Domain Management Directorate and the Sanitary – Veterinary Directorate account for all the illegal … and useless expenses?
Can we expect them to have or prove any morals, ethics, education with respect to all that surrounds us???


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