We Call For the Immediate Suspension Of Romford Metropolitan Police PC Kevin Rawley.

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We condemn the recent, aggressive and disproportionately violent arrest of two young black brothers, one aged 17 and the other just 14 years of age, on Heath Road Romford, by Metropolitan Police Service, Police Constable, Kevin Rawley.

The video of this arrest has gone viral and has resulted in large-scale outrage at the treatment of the suspect by this officer.

The fundamental philosophy of modern policing is to ensure public confidence by adhering to the principle of policing with consent. We believe incidents such as this fundamentally erode that Important principle.

We note the recent figures, published by the Metropolitan Police Service demonstrating that when police officers arrest black Londoners, police officers  consistently use disproportionate force.

This arrest has caused huge outrage and concern amongst Londoners and many more concerned citizens throughout the country are appalled at what they've seen.
Today, London's African and Afro-Caribbean communities have the lowest rates of public trust and confidence in the Metropolitan Police Service. The current figures represent the lowest level of expressed black public confidence ever recorded since the very inception of this public survey. 

This is a direct consequence of a failure to tackle the continued existence of institutionalised racism in operational policing practices, that have led to the toxic corrosion of community confidence in our police service.

We call upon the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to urgently and immediately formally suspend PC Kevin Rawley, pending a disciplinary investigation. We also call upon the Mayor of London, and the London Assembly, to launch a public investigation, with public oversight, allowing scrutiny by community selected panel, in an effort to provide total transparency around the circumstances of this arrest.

We call upon the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, to drop all consideration of any charges against these two boys with immediate effect as being fundamentally against the public interest.

We believe that this serious incident has had a major negative impact upon police and community relations in London, which are now deeply fraught with tension and an open lack of trust by Londons black communities in both the professionalism and objectivity of the Metropolitan Police Service.  Further, we believe it vital that demonstrable action is taken immediately, to reassure the public about the commitment of the police and the Mayor to tackling police racism, ensuring open transparent investigation in an effort to maintain the highest levels of public accountability.