Save the animals of eThekwini during the Covid 19 pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic is two-fold. 

It is a pandemic among humans and this has led to the neglect and stigmas being attached to animals. 

There is a misconception that animals are carriers of Covid-19. (

This has led to cases of animals being discarded, taken out to fields to be shot or given to animal organisations. 

We appeal to the public and to government to educate people on the facts of the pandemic. Animals do not carry or spread Covid-19. There is no need to discard your pet, or forget about the animals in the zoo or your livestock. 

We appeal for funding from government to take care of these animals that are just being thrown-away or forgotten. 

We appeal to Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda, Premier Sihle Zikalala and our President Cyril Ramaphosa, to provide funding for animal organisations. We are the voice for the voice-less and animals are also part of this country. 

PAW ARUSA NPC 2020/114785/08 is based throughout the eThekwini region and takes care of the plight of animals through donations. This petition is for everyone to reflect on the plight of animals. How are people going to take care of animals in the current economy if they cannot take care of themselves? 

We plead with government for an intervention.