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Close the establishment where Mario Gomez was murdered.

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This petition, we have started in regards to the fatal stabbing of our dearest friend Mario Gomez on March 17, 2012, inside the establishment of :  Sunset & Vine Pub & Eatery, located at 2220 68th Street Northeast Calgary, AB. Mario was fataly wounded by an unknown attacker inside the bar during regular business hours. At the time, we believe there was not adequate security covering the main entrance nor adequate security surveillance systems operating. Allowing a masked, hooded man to enter the bar unchallenged, never ID`d, never searched, not even confronted, wealding a deadly weapon, where they proceeded directly to Mario and began their assault, taking his life. It is clear from witnesess that the attack was pre-meditated, and that the attacker may of had prior knowledge of Mario's whereabouts inside the bar. Mario obviously stood no chance against his attacker, with absolutley no help whatsoever from the establishments security. With little evidence emerging so far, and no charges laid, we continue to seek justice for Mario and his family.
We turn to the establishment. We have requested permission to petition for the close of Sunset & Vine threw the office of Mayor Nenshi of the City of Calgary. Sadly they have chosen not to grant us that right.
We have started our own independant, online petition in response, and we will not stop until we feel justice has been rightfully served. We recognize what we believe to be the faults on behalf of the establshiment of Sunset & Vine, which should only result in closure of the bar, though these beliefs have not currently yet been adopted by our or any Political establishments. We ask for help from anyone and everyone open to our cause. One of this citys most viscious attacks, inside of a public establishment, where the owner and/or management is responsible for the safety of its occupants. Still nothing has been done and we are receiving little support from City of Calgary at this point. We wish and hope that Mayor Nenshi would withdrawl his original decision and grant us the right to legally petition for the close of Sunset & Vine. By signing this petition you are agreeing to the closing of the establishment aswell as the request of our Mayor to legally grant us the right for petition. We need your signatures! Please help us in bringing justice for the family of Mario. Spread and Share this petition! He did not deserve what happened to him that night inside of that bar. This is important to so many people because of their close relationship with Mario, aswell as the underlining factors in which the establishment should be held responsible. This was a place that was deemed safe. Now you be the judge when looking over the evidence, if it is a safe place or not.

1. There was not proper security placed at the front door entrance as required, allowing a masked man, to enter, unchallenged in any way, shape or form whatsoever, to commit murder.
2. Some of the security cameras were inconveniently not working at the time of the incident, though the entire purpose of having security cameras is for the main purpose of catching crime in the process.
3. The call made to 911 by an employee of the establishment, reported only a bar fight, while witnesses stood and watched as Mario was stabbed multiple times in the face and body. His attacker then fled from the bar unchallenged again. Mario would clearly need immediate medical attention though when police arrived, they arrived with no ambulance expecting only a bar fight. They found Mario bleeding to death on the floor and THEN called for an ambulance.
4.The complete lack of responsibility taken by the owner of the establishment as well as management.
5.As well as the lack of empathy towards Marios family from the Owner/Managament. To this date there has been no public apology to his family nor have they taken any responsibility in admission.
6.Finally because of the concern of the neighboring communities of the establishment. It has been said, air`d on local news, by a citizen living in the community of Monterey, that the bar brings nothing but drugs, and crime to the area and this belief is shared by many of us.

It is painfully clear that if the establishment had taken the proper procedures required of a late night dance club/pub.. we may still have our beloved Mario with us today. Sadly that is not the case.

Help us find Peace for Mario!

We are now seeing our first opposition of our petition. It is true that we live in a society where we must all have our right to our own opinion. People have begun oppossing this petition in support of keeping the establishment open for the reasons of:
- Support of the Owner in which they believe he should not be held responsible.
- That there is no need to close the bar in the sense that it will not bring Mario back.
- That closing the bar will only hurt another family, after one has already been torn.
- and for the simple fact that they dont want it to be shutdown because they like to go there.

               We stress to these people that are so quickly and unconscioussly oppossing this petition, that this is not a fight against the establishment itself, as it is a call for justice for a family devastated. It is not about closing the bar and seeing it stay closed forever. It is about removing the current ownership/management which failed terribly in maintaing a safe enviroment for its attendees. This may result in the bars reopening under new ownership and new title in the future. That is out of our control.
This does not mean the current owner would lose everything he has and spiral downward into bankruptcy as the opposition of this petition so quickly states he will. Our intentions are not to strip from him, the means in which he makes his living. But for him to own up and take responsibility for his establishment, and take the honorable road. It means only that he would be legally required by the request of the people, to uproute his buisness elsewhere.
Most likely 2 more bars would probably open in its wake.
We must open our hearts and remove our ego's from the equation and remember that an innocent life has been lost.
How can we so quickly defend the current owner, claiming no responsability for him, while we live in a society governed by discipline.
Who is responsible for the attendees of a packed night bar/pub/club? or whichever title we put on it.
It is an all night establishment, selling alchohol, that is required by law to hold a certain standard and level of safety, which they failed to do so.
This is why we feel it is a must that someone is held responsible for the establishment and the mistakes that were made. Some claim they were accidents.
Accident or no accident, they are still responsible.
There is no greater loss then the loss of life. The current ownership/management failed at mainting a safe enviroment for attendees, as result a life was taken inside of their buisness.
Mario's family is seeking justice, while mourning the loss of someone they held closest to their hearts.
We ask you to imagine yourself in their posistion.
If it was your family... your brother, or sister, daughter, son, even close friend, that was brutally murdered, infront of crowds of people, inside an establishment deemed safe, which is required to check all people entering for weapons upon arrival. How would you feel?
Would you support the owner of the buisness? Saying they should clame no responsabilty whatsoever? Or would you petition for justice for your loved one? The truth is. You will never really know unless it happened to you. You would truly be doing the same thing. Petitioning for justice.
We know that closing it down will not bring Mario back to us. But on a higher spiritual level it will give his family, as well as so many of us, a small peice of relief in the quest for justice.
On a higher level of morality we as human beings, try always do the right thing. Please do the right thing today and support this petition.
Remove your ego's and examine the circumstances closely and make an informed decision...
In the name of peace and love for anyone who has tragicly lost someone they loved.

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