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Shut down the Horrific Dog Pound in San Fernando, Trinidad!

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We need to share and sign this petition to shut down the horrific dog pound located in San Fernando, Trinidad. These dogs are treated in the most inhumane and barbaric way. They are starved and beaten to death. They are left sitting in there own urine and feces to suffer. If they don't die from these conditions they are euthanized using outdated practices, thrown in a garbage bag and tossed in a dump. There has even been instances of dog eating other dogs! This has to stop- No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Be a voice for the voiceless and help spread the word about what is happening to these innocent animals.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO SHUT DOWN THIS PLACE!!!!!!!! I know shutting this pound down will NOT solve the problem of the animal overpopulation in Trinidad & Tobago, but I hope this will expand the knowledge of SPAYING AND NEUTERING your pets to reduce the number of strays in the country and therefore putting an end to the suffering of these babies!! Thank you all! You can also write to the addresses below to express how you feel about this and request that this place is shut down:

The Mayor- Kazim Hosein City Hall Harris Promenade, San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago

CC letters to:

Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government Kent House, Long Circular Road,Maraval, Trinidad & Tobago  

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