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Don't destroy our Old Yellow School Buildings in Birket

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Time is running out fast . Our Mayor claims he has no time to talk to us. He and our local government have decided to destroy our Old Yellow School. Late last year they gave us a moratorium, but they told other groups that it was just to calm local people. Once the storm was over, they'd still destroy the Ole Yellow School buildings.
Our Old Yellow School is a fantastic place, full of opportunities.
We're a small community in the countryside. We've had a down for the last 20+ years. We've lost a lot of people, almost all our enterprises and all our stores and our school.
But change has come. An outside foundation, the "RealDania", has seen the opportunites for positive change in our area. They have started massive non-commercial investments here to benefit private citizens. Together with them and Lolland Municipality we have now built a well functioning Community Centre in our Old Red School where people meet every day. We want to support this upward movement and change our Old Yellow School into a framework where art, business and nature can thrive and give momentum to a real change of our area, a surge upwards through local citizens' groups in cooperation with existing structures.
But our Mayor won't allow this. He doesn't want to see the opportunities for change, and especially not on citizens' initiatives that he can't control. He only wants to tear down. In theory he is all for local action and entrepreneurship, but in reality he is against. The result is the meaningless destruction of our wonderful Old Yellow School building that is fully functional and renovated in the late 1990'ies.

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