Stop Development of parking at Dukes Meadows Riverside Public Open Space

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The Promenade Riverside. is a rare and vital public asset – a stretch of unspoiled riverside parkland adjoining The Thames within urban Chiswick. It has a unique character and a very special sense of place – ‘The Thames at Dukes Meadows’, which has over the years gained both national and international fame from University Boat Race commentaries. The character and unspoiled quality of this  important public open space, and the richness and diversity of nature in the area,  is cherished by both residents and visitors.

The Council propose to develop at and within the immediate vicinity of The Promenade Riverside  three car park areas, each with marked car parking spaces, and to provide two designated coach turning circles (“The Car Parking scheme”).

WE THE PERSONS who are the signatories to this petition HEREBY:


·         DRAW to the attention of The Council the destructive and damaging impact which The Car Park Scheme would if carried out, have on the amenity, and the special quality, and unique character of The Promenade Riverside P.O.S. by reason , inter alia, of: the introduction of a visually intrusive and unsightly elements; the encouragement and facilitating of vehicle movements; and the significant loss of green and open public space; AND


·         REQUEST The Council to forthwith abandon and not proceed with The Car Parking Scheme; AND


·         WE respectfully and sincerely RECORD  our hope and trust that The Council will henceforth pursue a conservation led policy for The Promenade Riverside P.O.S. which requires the retention of the whole of the open and green public space, and also seeks to restrict so far as practicable motor vehicle movements within the immediate vicinity of the riverside, AND that if and when new car parking provision and/or motor-coach turning circles may be necessarily required at Dukes Meadows then these will not be located at or within sight of The Promenade Riverside P.O.S.