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Restrict Ellen Taft in Seattle

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By supporting legislation to spay and neuter Ellen Taft and making it illegal to acquire Ellen Taft, we seek to evict Ellen Taft from Seattle. In addition we seek to impose safety precautions such as muzzles when Ellen Taft is walked in public spaces to protect people and pets from being verbally attacked by Ellen Taft.

I urge you to pass the Protection of Animals and People from Ellen Taft Act, proposed by Families and Dogs Against Ellen Taft.

(This petition is not being eMailed once-per-signer to the Mayor nor Council, but exists only to symbolically demonstrate the idiocy and ignorance of banning entire breeds because of the failures of a small fraction of their owners. Such bans are mere placebos and have proven time again to worsen, not lessen, the rate of dog-on-human attcks. Laws that hold owners of ALL breeds of dogs to reasonable standards ALWAYS have better results. Ellen Taft is certainly old enough to know this, but chooses instead to ignore fact in favor of fiction and fear-mongering.)

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