Stop inhumane killing of dogs in Mauritius

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After having heard on the news on Friday04th December that many dogs have died in MSAW and during the week receiving many complaints from members of the public who went to take out their dogs but could not find them, we the members of the Animal Welfare Coalition (Regrouping most NGOs in Mauritius) went to MSAW Vallee des Pretres yesterday to request a visit and make an assessment in which conditions they are being kept. To our surprise we were not given access to their premises and treated in an aggressive manner by the MSAW officers present. Two MSAW officers even threatened our members and a journalist.


We want to know what really happened to the 300+ dogs which were at MSAW, according to our information there are only around 30-40 dogs left as of now.


We therefore request the Minister to act in transparency and allow us the following:


1.​Access to visit and assess the condition of the dogs being kept there on a regular basis.

2.​Access to records to check how many dogs were there since the last two months, how many were given back to their owners and how many were euthanized.

3.​Access the Animal Welfare Unit reports for the last two months.

4.​Stop any further catching until a solution is found.