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The Master's School: Stop kicking out gay and lesbian students!


It has been widely reported that the The Master's School in Connecticut recently asked a student to leave after finding out she was a lesbian.

No student should ever be kicked out of a school because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Master's School should immediately pass a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity, so this never happens again.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Board of Trustees President
    Jay Kurht
  • The Master's School
  • Board of Trustees Member
    Bill Lindberg
  • School Counselor
    Joyce Marcotte
  • Board of Trustees Member
    Todd Shelansky
  • Board of Trustees Member
    Bill Lowe
  • Board of Trustees Member
    John Naeher
  • Board of Trustees Member
    Geoffrey Swanson
  • Board of Trustees Member
    Derek Mogck
  • Headmaster
    Jon F. Holley

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