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The Massage Franchise: Increase payrates for massage therapists; decrease lowballing of massage.

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The Licensed Massage Therapists and supporters of massage therapy's New Year Resolution is to Empower Our Profession and its Worth: I'm worth my skill and therefore, I choose not to be employed or support a corporate franchise."

The corporate franchise has low balled the price of our services, miseducated the public on the worth of massage therapy and the massage therapist and is responsible for crippling our industry. Massage Envy has an ongoing unlimited membership for $39 for a one-hour massage; this is a $35-$50 decrease in charge for the worth of a one-hour massage. In 2002, the year that Massage Envy began, the starting rate of pay for a therapist fresh out of school, an unseasoned licensed massage therapist was $25 an hour. Today Massage Envy and like franchises pay their therapists a rate $5-$10 less then the starting rate for a beginner massage therapist in the profession 10 years ago. A massage therapist’s job is priced accordingly due to the type of work we do and the effects of that work on the body, mind and spirit. As healthcare professionals, in order to maintain our ability to prosper in our work and continue to be able to perform our work for a lifetime, we can not work a typical 8-hour day. The typical length of a shift for a massage therapist is 6 hours per day which is why a massage therapist’s pay scale and hourly rate is higher than the average 9 to 5 job. These franchises claim to make massage affordable, however, what about the affordability for a massage therapist’s fiscal survival? The public needs to be made aware of the other side of the coin in this equation; they need to be educated about the slave labor wages that these franchises are paying their therapists and the negative and devastating effects these franchises have had on our industry. Massage Envy was rated by Forbes as one of the top 20 franchises. While Massage Envy makes millions, they are paying their workers squat, making money off the backs of massage therapists and our industry.

I know my worth as an LMT, in doing so by signing this petition, I vow not to support or work for any corporate franchise such as, Massage Envy, Hand and Stone or any such corporate franchise, facility or business that underpays massage therapists and undercharges for the worth of a massage therapy service. I further demand that such franchises and facilities acknowledge the worth of massage therapy and their professionals and pay their workers a minimum of $30 per hour for their work.

As a supporter of massage therapy, I sign this petition and request such franchises pay their therapists the appropriate starting, minimum hourly rate of $30 per hour.

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