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Restore the duly elected delegates and count the provisional ballots

“I have seen the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts — and he’s an 18-year-old kid who just got screwed by Mitt Romney.” - Michael Graham, conservative talk radio host, conservative political commentator.

Voting is the most sacred rite in this great American republic, but establishment figures within Massachusetts Republican Party have superseded the results of the Massachusetts Republican Caucus VOTERS by refusing to count provisional ballots and invalidating duly elected delegates simply because they did not like the election results.  

                A coalition group of Liberty-minded delegates, normal folks, organized and fairly beat out some of the biggest names in the Massachusetts Republican Party, and in response, the MassGOP, in violation of their own rules,  disqualified the liberty delegates without providing so much as a hearing on the matter.  They disqualified single mother’s including myself, a nurse, servicemen, small business owners, people of minority decent, and an 18 year old boy who was so excited to be voting for the very first time, simply because they did not like us.  

                These actions have even disgusted many members within the MassGOP itself and some Romney picked delegates who have refused to take the place of a disqualified delegates.  I would ask everyone to sign our protest to urge the good and honorable people within the MassGOP to stand up for what is right and restore the rightful delegates and count the provisional ballots in order to restore honor to our political system.

                I would also ask that everyone go to and click the “How YOU can help!” link at the top.  If you are a Massachusetts resident, please contact your Republican State Committeeman or Committeewoman, if not please contact the Republican National Committee members in your state.

More info:

Mass. GOP deals dirty By Michael Graham

Reality Check: Republican Party Winning The Battle But Losing The War? – FOX News

“why did the party print, distribute and collet provisional ballots only to later tell voters that they are invalid” - Ben Swann, FOX News (~ 1:50 sec into the video)


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    Bruce Tarr
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    Elizabeth Warren
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  • National Committeewoman
    Jody Dow
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    Ron Kaufman
  • Massachusetts State Senate

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