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Allow the memorial "Ghost Bike" or a similar replacement bike for Miles Tibbetts to remain on the side of Rt. 6 in Wellfleet.

This bike is a memorial for a widley loved member of the Wellfleet community. It was created as part of the "Ghost Bikes Project"( a project that remembers those injured or killed on bicycles) by two of Miles best friends. Miles was creamated and so there is no grave or tombstone to act as a memorial. Allowing the bike to remain where it is helps Miles' family friends and community memorialize him, it gives them a place to remember what an amazing young man we lost.

Please don't remove the last memorial we have for Miles.  

It has come to my attention the bike has been removed by someone not associated with the authorities or MassDOT so we are requesting that a new bike be allowed to rest on the side of Rt. 6. 

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