Keep your promise - Legalise Cannabis

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A petition to the Government of Malta to stop the support of organised crime through the legalisation, regulation, medicinal preparation and taxation of cannabis.

Use the money generated from a whole new type of revenue & increased tourism to build new government housing, roads and other infrastructures, and so much more which is currently being done in Holland, California, Uruguay, Canada, Washington, Spain, Portugal and other countries and cities benefitting from similar laws.

People are still being detained and questioned for personal use and this is ridiculous. Malta needs to get with the times and follow other countries suit. Doing this, the police will have more time and resources to deal with serious crime, not archaic goverment policy.

Any lie that it is illegal because it is harmful is negated, due to the fact that cigarettes, alcohol, as well as very dangerous prescription drugs are all legal and widely consumed, and some more addictive than heroin.

Look at the medical evidence from other countries that use cannabis to treat serious and life threatening diseases and has been used to cure and/or seriously improve peoples' quality of life without using prescribed drugs that give horrible side effects and cause serious bodily harm.

The war on drugs does not work, and does not benefit society in any way. It just damages it even more through violence, shady drug dealers, and chemically sprayed cannabis. We need a grown up and educated approach to this - now start listening to the experts and stop listening to the uneducated critics. Not to mention it is an untaxed economy. Whether it is legal or illegal, smokers will still smoke. Making something illegal never stopped anyone who wanted to do it, from doing it. Remember the alcohol prohibiton period? ...

Its our human right to choose to smoke cannabis if we want to and is not the government's right to tell us not to because of outdated laws. This is the time for change!