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Petitioning Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott and 3 others

Stop The Live Export Trade and their cruelty to Animals.: Stop the sending of Animals to Indonesia and Egypt.

Everyone should support this petition.
Because, the more people that do, the more will see it and therefore, the higher ups will be forced to take action. Stop this cruel, inhumane trade before it becomes too late.

Letter to
Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott
Leader Of The Nationals, Minister For Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss
Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten
and 1 other
Deputy leader of the nationals Minister For Agriculture Barnaby Joyce (Deputy leader of the nationals Minister For Agriculture)
Stop the sending of Animals to Indonesia and Egypt.
This is a trade that is resulting in the brutal deaths of thousand upon thousand of Animals. Stop pulling the wool over everyone's eyes by saying this will either stop, or the conditions for these defenseless Animals overseas are regular compared to here. Stop the apologies when you weren't planning to do anything about it in the first place. "99% of the Animals sent overseas had a good welfare outcome". Joe Ludwig uttered those very words. Tony Abbot apologized for the outcomes of the terrible deaths of Animals overseas when he didn't do a thing to stop it in the first place. Julia Gillard's administration blocked me from emailing her due to the power of a mass amount of emails in the last 10 days. The politicians say that Live Export won't go away. Let them know you won't, either!