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Remove harmful advertising linking self-esteem to consuming protein bars

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Today I had the pleasure of walking across the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge with my good friend Anita. We enjoyed stimulating conversations about women in politics, careers, families, love and unmet expectations. After our walk in the sunshine we arrived at Wynyard Station in the city of Sydney, ready to take a train back to our car. Mid sentence, I paused; horrified by a gigantic, obscene and disturbing poster displaying a photo of a very happy, young and thin girl frolicking on an Aussie Beach. The Slogan "SELF ESTEEEM, Powered by Protein".

It was a campaign for Protein Bars by 'Aussie Bodies'. I wholeheartedly object to the linking of self esteem to a trim body. Real self esteem comes from within. It comes from valuing our own gifts and knowing that each of us, not matter how we look , are indeed very important. Everyone is important. Everyone has internal gifts that have the potential to contribute to a better family, society and world.

Why is this company supposing that self esteem for women comes from being beautiful and having a great body? At best this is simply false advertising. At worst it is giving our young women the impression that they can not be happy and confident unless they are beautiful on the outside. That is a travesty of justice and as a society we should not tolerate this kind of harmful marketing which is targeted at our most vulnerable in society; our young which have not yet learned how important, powerful and wonderful they are; outside of external influences.

I am pleading with the greater good of society to join with me in banning this repulsive and misleading advertisement before it impacts just one of our impressionable young women. If just one women is affected by this advertisement then a travesty of justice has occurred; for the sole reason that they may cease looking within for their natural gifts and start looking outside of themselves for self esteem. You are important and this is important.

Please support me in bringing this misleading campaign to an end.

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