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Support a Public Inquiry into the medical evidence in Ontario’s courts and tribunals

If you or a loved one were injured in an auto accident, wouldn’t you want an honest and qualified medical opinion of your injuries so you could get on the road to recovery?

That’s just not happening in Ontario for injured and disabled motor vehicle accident (MVA) victims. It is the same problem that exists for injured workers in Ontario where medical evidence is distorted to reduce claims costs.

There’s a good chance your claim will be denied on the basis of a biased or even unqualified medical assessment report written by an assessor hired by the insurance company you paid to protect you.

Too many MVA victims are ending up on social supports while waiting for their insurer to do the right thing and pay their claim. The healthcare costs of MVA victim recovery and their support is routinely being downloaded to the taxpayer and many are without treatment for recovery.

Call or write your Ontario MPP and tell them we need a public inquiry into the medical evidence used to delay and deny legitimate auto insurance claims. And that we can’t afford to pay the highest premiums in Canada for auto insurance we can’t count on. Injured drivers deserve better. 

We are all just one bad driving decision away from this happening to you or someone you've injured. Tell our government that justice means honest evidence in our courts and that recovery depends on it.

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Thank you for your support!

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FAIR and ABC Coalition

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