Ontario Government is reducing Pain Injection Treatments

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Dear Patient with Chronic Pain and their Families and Friends,
The Government of Ontario is desperately looking at ways to reduce Ontario’s debt. The Ministry of Health has submitted recommendations to limit to cut certain health care services in Ontario. If implemented, these limitations and cut will directly affect your care as a pain patient.
The Ministry has proposed a severe reduction and possible elimination of injection treatments for chronic pain slated to occur within the next 6 months. The Ministry has not asked the opinion of community pain doctors and has ignored any recommendations that community pain doctors have made so far. More importantly, the ministry has not asked the opinion of the people with pain who receive pain injections.
The Ministry of Health is proposing to severely reduce the number of pain injections that are paid by OHIP. They are proposing to only pay for a maximum of 4 injections per visit, up to 4 times per year. This is maximum of 16 injections per year. Even if you want to and could afford to, you, may not be permitted to pay extra pain injections. In additions, these payments restrictions may force the closure of community pain clinics. If the government makes this change you will lose total access to pain injection treatment.
If you rely on Nerve Blocks treatments to maintain your pain control. YOU MUST SPEAK UP NOW.
Make your voices heard and prevent reduction and eventual elimination of this valuable treatment.