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Stop formula milk companies from marketing their products illegally!

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Breastfeeding is the most natural way for babies to be fed and research shows that formula milk has a long list of risks associated with it for the health and development of both babies and mothers. For this reason, the advertising of formula milk products for babies less than 3 years of age is illegal in Lebanon and goes against the recommendations of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes from the World Health Assembly.
The Lebanese government approved Law 47 in 2008 entitled “Organizing the Marketing of Baby and Young Child Feeding Products and Tools”, which bans all marketing of formula milk, bottles, teats and pacifiers because they all embody an obstacle for the successful establishment and continuation of breastfeeding for a minimum of 6 months and preferably for up to 2 years (together with complementary foods).
Instead, in Lebanon the Government is ignoring the fact that formula companies are blatantly disregarding and violating this law constantly: freely distributing formula samples in hospitals and private clinics, getting doctors and nurses to pressure mums and dads to introduce formula milk (sometimes even giving babies the formula milk with the explicit request from parents that they do NOT do so!), encouraging mums to stop breastfeeding before they need to and generally undermining any efforts that mums might be making to start and continue breastfeeding.
The Lebanese Government is ignoring the health risks the formula companies are creating in Lebanon and, in effect, favouring the financial interests of those companies and health workers who help spread this dangerous message. The Government should step up and defend Lebanese babies and mothers by using the excellent tool that they created in Law 47/2008 and force formula milk companies to respect the law and the commitments they accepted by adhering officially to the International Code.
Breastfeeding is a right for which resources and defence barriers need to be put in place and the Government’s responsibility is to ensure they exist. Please sign this petition to pressure the Lebanese Government to take the necessary steps to enforce Law 47/2008 and protect the health of babies and mothers.

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