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The merger between Abington Hospital and Holy Redeemer Health System would result in the already stated elimination of access to abortion at AMH as well as have a negative impact on issues involving human and civil rights and freedom of religion.

Letter to
The leadership of Abington Memorial Hospital
As concerned members of the community and/or customers of Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH), we emphatically oppose the merger of AMH and Holy Redeemer Heathcare System (HRHS). Under the merger AMH will cease to be a non-sectarian health care provider which serves and respects the human, civil, and religious rights and freedoms of a diverse community.

We are especially concerned that AMH is subjecting itself to a sectarian ideology that
eliminates abortion services as AMH has stated and will impact:

• End-of-life issues
• Contraceptive services for employees and patients
• Respect of Do Not Resuscitate orders and advance health care directives
• Stem cell treatment
• Infertility treatment
• Domestic partner rights
• Resident and fellowship training.

We the undersigned call on AMH to dissolve the merger with HRHS under its current agreement; negotiate openly going forward to include AMH’s medical staff and representative members of this community; and address and resolve the issues and concerns outlined in this petition. HRHS is entitled to its religious beliefs; it is not entitled to impose those beliefs on a secular healthcare provider or the community at large.

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