Get Larry Sharpe on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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On April 19, Stephen had Cynthia Nixon as a guest on his show. Nixon is of course a challenger to Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary for Governor of New York.

But there's another gubernatorial candidate taking New York by storm: Larry Sharpe. 

Sharpe is the Libertarian nominee for Governor, and announced his candidacy back in July. On January 30, the first deadline for campaign finance reports, it was revealed that Sharpe had out-raised Brian Kolb at least three times over, at the time the only announced Republican challenger to Cuomo, since withdrawn from the race. Cuomo is seeing his lowest approval ratings ever, and the Republicans aren't even trying to come up with a decent candidate to run against him.

It's time the people heard from Larry Sharpe. He is the rising star in the Libertarian Party and the man who can save New York.