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Vote of No Confidence in Wirral South MP, Alison McGovern

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I am calling for a vote of no confidence in Wirral South Labour MP, Alison McGovern. It has become apparent that our local Labour representative is becoming increasingly distanced from the wants and needs of her constituents and does not represent the core values of the Labour Party.

On Wednesday, December 2nd, Alison McGovern decided to back the Tory Government to commence bombing of Syria. Despite a strong community feedback following an emergency meeting held to gauge public opinion on how Alison should vote on our behalf, Alison chose to ignore the will of her constituents, her party members and indeed her Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. During the meeting, a vote cast by attendants concluded that 75 attendees wished her to oppose strikes, 1 wished her to vote with, and 11 abstained.

Alison has defended her position, claiming she will "hold the PM to account", and justifying her decision to ignore the feelings of her constituents, "Many constituents wrote to me against the principle of using military air strikes at all. However, in the end, this is not a view I share". Unfortunately, in order for us to have confidence in our MP, and a belief that they will act appropriately on our behalf in Parliament, it is essential that they both understand the opinion of the majority in their constituency and that they are prepared to represent the majority in how they vote.

Additional concerns stem from Alison's alliance with the organization "Progress Online" which actively seeks to undermine the democratically elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn. As there are many Corbyn supporters in the community who elected him and subsequently joined the party because of him, it seems ridiculous that their local MP is actively trying to sabotage him and his effectiveness as leader.

In order for us to have confidence in our elected representative, they must both represent us and be prepared to stand united with the elected leader. As Alison is prepared to do neither, I have no choice but to call for a vote of no confidence.

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