Motion of No Confidence in Keir Starmer

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Now we see why Keir Starmer was so cagey about donations to his Labour leadership campaign.

He has been taking cash from lobbyists dedicated to pushing the interests of the Israeli government, from opponents of Jeremy Corbyn and funders of the so-called Independent Group for Change (or whatever they ended up calling themselves) – the Labour splitters who were annihilated in the last general election.

In other words, it seems his funders are opponents of socialist, pro-Middle East peace Labour.

This casts a shadow over his handling of the leaked Labour document on factional interference in the party’s handling of anti-Semitism complaints.

With so many anti-Corbyn funders, and the report showing how anti-Corbyn sentiment informed the lack of exertion on anti-Semitism by the party’s Governance and Legal Unit, it is easy to reach an obvious conclusion about Starmer’s priorities.

A responsible man would step back, (I think the word is) recuse himself and allow an independent investigation into the report and his donations, returning to office only if he is found innocent of any wrongdoing or corruption.

Trouble is, he hasn’t done that.