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Protect the Dogs, Cats of South Korea By Animal Protection Laws

Man's best friend, BETRAYED!!! Nearly two million South Korean dogs and cats are slowly strangled, electrocuted and bludgeoned to death each year before they are boiled, cut up and eaten. Before dogs are killed for meat, they are often strung up by their legs and beaten. Dog butchers extol the virtues of their product, linking the adrenaline rush dogs experience as they are bludgeoned to death to enhance male virility. Cat, viewed as pests, thus suffer worse cruelty. They may be killed by being placed in sacks and pounded against the ground. Sometimes while still alive, cats are thrown into large pots of boiling water and cooked until liquefied into "cat juice". Cats are boiled alive so that their "juices" can be made into tonics, which butchers claim can be used to treat rheumatism. This is a myth, purely a myth. Many of these animals are strays captured by butchers and sold in open markets, stolen from homes where people love them, or raised in what is known as as dog farms. They are hidden away in the countryside where breeders raise their stock for the butchers. The dirty industry is proliferated by the myth that dog meat is healthy. Please sign this petition. We have to be their voice. Please, please sign. Thank you.

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  • the Korean Ambassador to the U.S. (AND) the Prime Minister of South Korea

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