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The Kennel Club, UK: Ban irresponsible exhibitors for life that leave dogs in unsuitable vehicles on hot days


Too many times now at Shows, the tannoy is often heard announcing that a dog or dogs have been left in unsuitable vehicles in high temperatures and they are distressed. Whilst we appreciate that a lot of exhibitors do take the time and expense to adapt their vehicles for their dogs and can be kept cooler than being outside there are exhibitors who do not, and these are the exhibitors that need to be dealt with. Obviously each situation needs to be dealt with according to the severity of the incident, but there is absolutely no reason for a dog or dogs to be left in a unsuitable vehicle in hot temperatures to suffer.  Why oh why do people keep doing this ??? We the undersigned want The Kennel Club to look at this situation and make sure those Exhibitors that are found to be doing this are banned from any KC Event for life. There is no excuse for this type of cruelty to a dog and action needs to be taken to ensure that it is stopped. If a ban is not suitable then maybe an on the spot fine and removal from the show should be considered and the KC informed by the Show Management. Measures need to be put into place NOW to ensure that no more dogs suffer.


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