Stop registerin​g Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies unless their parents are MRI scanned and Heart tested

  Cavaliers can be the most wonderful family pets but they have two serious inherited health conditions that cause severe pain to the dog and heartbreak and financial hardship to many owners.

Studies have shown that both Syringomyelia ( SM ) and Mitral Valve Disease ( MVD ) are less likely to occur if cavaliers are health screened before breeding.

There are increasing numbers of owners who are finding their much loved Cavaliers are affected by these conditions, however there is little being done by the UK Kennel Club to encourage breeders to use the testing schemes available to them.

Please sign this petition if you are a Cavalier Owner or you care about the breed and want it to survive with a healthier future. If you own a dog with SM or MVD please use the box that says 'Why is this important to you' to describe what owning a sick cavalier means to you and your family

The Kennel Club needs to know how many loving owners are affected by the actions of breeders that do not care enough about the puppies they breed.

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