Keep people from declawing animals

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When an animal gets declawed, it basically scars them for life. Claw are their first line of defense, and if they don't have any claws any more, they will revert to biting. It also is very painful for them to walk. Imagine having all of your fingernails taken off in surgery. It's the same amount of pain for the animals, but all they can do is meow or bark. They can't tell you how much it hurts. When declawed, animals can become more feral, and or traumatized by the pain. If the animal is in the shelter, they will become more reserved, and not many people will go and adopt them. 

Many countries have banned declawing, but in some it is still legal to literally take basically a bone out of animals foots. Banning declawing will help animals get adopted so they can find a good forever home to live in. If declawed, they will be uncomfortable whenever walking. Please sign this petition to ban declawing in the countries that having made it illegal. Thank you!