Release the Louise Wise Adoption Agency Secret Study of Identical Twins Separated at Birth

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In the 1960’s, children were separated from their identical siblings and placed in adoptive homes where they were studied under the guise of “visits.” Their adoptive families were never told of the existence of siblings so that nature vs. nurture could be studied in its purest form. Study results have been locked up at Yale, 61 boxes of data, yet those individuals are not privy to their own histories until the year 2066 when most shall be gone from this earth. Only the Jewish Board has the authority to release the information to those individuals who were placed in a research study without their knowledge and pulled from the siblings who they never knew existed. I can’t imagine that the rights of those children, now in their fifties, aren’t more important than the the wishes of decreased unethical researchers who placed Jewish children from the headquarters of the Louise Wise Adoption Agency.