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The Jamaican government: Protect the Jamaican women and children.

I am a very concerned citizen of Jamaica currently residing overseas. I am a mother. I am a woman. I read with disgust recent news stories coming out of my country highlighting violence against women and children.

Recently an 11 year old girl was admitted in the hospital, impregnated by her 65 year old grand uncle. Also the story of 5 women including and eight year old girl who gunmen pulled from their home and raped. The girl was raped before her mother and mother before her daughter.

Subsequently the eight year old had to do surgery upon arriving at the hospital. I am still asking where was the police as residents reported calling the police upon hearing the screams of the women. Secondly we have heard of marches to be held today September 29th and wearing of black in solidarity and observing at minute of silence but is that the best we can do at this time.

Government planning or being a part marches at this time is less than impressive. We will only accept that if it translates to solution? Let the communities and the churches organize marches and prayer vigils. However government must put laws and penalties in place and enforce them. Build again the confidence of Jamaican women and children now.

According to a report in today's gleaner online I will put the except
"Meanwhile, Minister with responsibility for Information, Senator Sandrea Falconer, is seeking to assure that serious consideration will be given to proposals for protecting the rights of women.

The Bureau of Women’s Affair has been tasked with making the recommendations following a meeting this week at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Speaking on Nationwide Radio yesterday, Falconer said over the years several reports and studies have been put out on protecting the rights of women but there has been little or no action.

She said the Bureau has been instructed to go through the documents and prepare a holistic report, so that the government can chart the best way forward."

I have started this petition online and need your support to hold the relevant agencies with the responsibility of protecting the Jamaica women and children accountable. We need the government of Jamaica to act swiftly to protect the nation's women and children and that the perpetrators will be swiftly brought to justice.

We need action and no longer should we sit by and wait for another decade before the relevant ministries chart the way forward. For years I worked in Jamaica with young women who were sexually abused and see the lasting emotional scars. This is not the legacy we seek for our women and children. Sexual abuse must be addressed now IT I S TIME.

A few months ago there was report about the amount of young children coming to the hospital who were sexually abused. It was all talk for a month or two. We have heard the formal talks all too often, we now need to Act. According to a document by the United Nations on violence against women.." .It harms families, impoverishes communities and reinforces other forms of inequality and violence throughout societies."

I read today how the young ladies said they slept with machette, bought pepper sprays and tazer, unfortunately resorting to illegal means of protection. Why? Simply because there are reports on the books for years and no one to chart the way forward. Please sign this petition asking the government of Jamaica to act quickly to protect its women and children from sexual predators.

1. We would like for the government to set up a sexual offenders registry.

2. Sexual harassment must not be tolerated as its from these seeds ignored that the nation is reaping a whirlwind.

3. As a part of the school curricular children must be taught to report any form of touch or violation that makes them uncomfortable. Then measures must be taken to secure them during and after investigations

4. We need not only stricter penalties on the books but we need penalties that are actually enforced.

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