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Investigate Horse Plus Humane aka Nor Cal Equine Rescue !

This non profit is making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by making false claims about animals being abused or being sent to slaughter. They misrepresent the animals they take in and the reason they euthanize more animals than any other "horse rescue" in the world.. They harass and sue owners into giving up horses. Harass and physically stalk anyone who makes a negative comment about them. They secretly record and video tape and edit conversations . They are defrauding the donors based on false claims. They do not pay taxes on side businesses not affiliated with the non profit. The equipment vehicles and fuel paid for by donations are being used for private use and commercial buinesses . Horse Plus does not contribute to workmen's compensation for its paid Officers and employees . Horse Plus employees do not pay income tax. Horse Plus is wrongfully using donations to pay for their own private rent , mortgage, utilities, private vehicles , food , vacations and other expenses not related to the care of animals. We are asking the IRS, Attorney General of California and the Butte County Sheriff to investigate the numerous violations of Federal and State laws made by this organization and revoke their non profit status, revoke their conceled weapons permits due to threats and stalking, and fine them for unpaid workmen's compensation and  state and federal taxes  

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  • The IRS Attorney General of Ca. and Butte County Sheriff

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