Stop Putin war now! Recognize Putin's regime as war criminals!

Stop Putin war now! Recognize Putin's regime as war criminals!

26 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Stop Putin! The world must recognize Putin as a war criminal!

This petition is on behalf of the Ukrainian people suffering from the devastating war that Vladimir Putin started on February 24, 2022.

We appeal to mankind and the governments of all countries, which stand for democratic values, human rights, and international law, to recognize the mad dictator Putin as a war criminal and stop him from continuing his horrendous war crimes.

Putin started a war and terror to destroy an independent and sovereign country without a credible explanation. Aircraft, missiles, warships, and artillery strike not only military facilities but also peaceful towns and villages.

Putin kills innocent people every day, threatening millions of lives and creating an immeasurable social, humanitarian and economic tragedy.

Putin captures Ukrainian territories and sends his own Russian soldiers to die.

Russian Military Forces had captured Chernobyl Station and using it for military transportation. It is an immense threat to Europe and the whole world. The radiation level has already increased.

Currently, Putin is not succeeding in getting the whole Ukraine under control because of the selfless resistance and unity of the Ukrainian people and the heroic actions of the Ukrainian Army.

That makes him angrier. He intensifies the hostilities and goes ultimately insane.

We, Ukrainians, are convinced that Putin is ready to go to the end. He proved that nothing would stop him. Not only Ukraine, but the whole world is under threat.

This madness must be stopped!

Putin and his regime need to be recognized as war criminals as soon as possible.

The world governments should impose severe sanctions and create political and economic conditions that would force Putin to stop the war.

We call for a joint social and Legal efford to criminalize his activities in all countries and internationally. We call for all the governments to apply effective economic measures to make this war impossible to continue.

Please sign this petition.

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Signatures: 120,256Next Goal: 150,000
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