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Indonesia falls under two different biodiversity hotspots; trade in its threatened species contributes majorly to their decline and many may go extinct in the next decade

Letter to
The Indonesian Government
Stop the trade in protected species of wildlife

Slow lorises are just one of many legally protected species openly for sale in Indonesia’s animal markets. These markets are a common site across Indonesia’s many islands, and serve as a platform literally to strip Indonesia of its precious and irreplaceable wildlife, causing the decline of threatened animals such as orang-utans, sun bears, eagles, and parrots. I, the undersigned, urge the Indonesian government to enforce its existing laws by policing these markets, arresting AND prosecuting those that violate biodiversity conservation laws, and by shutting them down. Indonesians should be proud of their natural heritage and should realise that the international community views the senseless waste these markets inflict on innocent lives with disgust and horror.
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