Save the Sikh farmers in India , save their land and save their lives.

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The Indian government has confiscated the farmland of more than 30,000 Sikh farmers in Uttar Pradesh.

The state, which is governed by the BJP political party, sent police to displace Sikh farmers from around 17 villages of districts Rampur, Bijnaur and Lakhimpur. The farmers have lived in Uttar Pradesh for three generations, many emigrating during the the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. The families converted desolate forests to arable land, while enduring the hardships inflicted on them by partition.

Sikh families have not been given any compensation for the 3000 acres taken from them for Guru Nanak Sagar Dam.

Video footage has also surfaced of a mob of villagers in Uttar Pradesh severely assaulting a Sikh youth and desecrating his turban by throwing it into a sewer.

The UP government is devastating Sikh farmers without any prior notice despite knowing that majority of these farmers have their cases pending in the High Court

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