Save the Sikh farmers in India , save their land and save their lives.

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Farmers from Punjab who are protesting against the new farm laws in Delhi are suffering from deep economic stress and shrinking land holdings.

A new bill passed by the indian govt has created turmoil in Punjab. Suppressing the farmers, and subsequently the Sikh community in a bid to undermine the community and gain control- in true Indian govt fashion.

It is because of these farmers that the nation is fed. It’s these farmers that put in their blood, sweat and tears to enrich the nation and beyond. And it is those very those people who are biting the hand that feeds. 

In addition to this, there have been several farmer suicides and fatalities, the protests are gruelling and this injustice must be addressed.

Farmers need their voices heard, the Sikh Panth needs to rise to help our own in this time of need.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji further embedded the fight for righteousness and our founding Baba Nanak established equality- we must continue with these core principles and fight for our farmers!

Keep awareness high and keep this issue relevant in all forms of media.

Do not donate on Look at Khalsa Aid and the work they are doing. Keep sharing this petition and posts, let’s do this together.

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