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Boozer was shot 6 times and killed this past April in Newington CT.  The NPD does not have an animal control officer,  and they sent a regular officer to the scene. Boozer was loose from his home for less than 15 mins.  He shot Boozer without trying mace, a taser, a catch pole, or calling someone who was propery trained.  The NPD had very recently before Boozers killing, tunrned down free training on anmimal contol and how to understands dogs, they didn't think it was needed.  That, is awful. This petition is NOT a petition against the Newington Police Department, let me make that extremely clear.  This petition is to request that the NPD goes through some new and improved training on how to handle animal control situations.  This town is NOT equipt with the staff and resources it needs to keep animals and citizens safe in the case of an animal control problem. We are here to support Boozer, and request that in his death a lesson is learned, and new rules, laws and regulations are put into place to ensure that he was the last dog to die in this town just because it wasnt prepared for a loose dog.  We want to REQUIRE that less severe methods are used to subdue animals, please sign if you agree and support our mission. Please note, any derogitory comments, threatining or bashing of the Newington Police will be deleted as that IS NOT what we stand for. ((justice for boozer, RIP friend))


thank you


Letter to
Newington Police Department Richard Mulhall
Mayor Steven Woods
I just signed the following petition addressed to: JUSTICE FOR BOOZER the I am Boozer Project.

Retrain police and change policy in animal control situations.

Boozer was an innocent dog was killed because the Newington PD didn't have proper training or resources to handle the roaming dog call that came in for Boozer. He was shot SIX times, thats an extremely excessive amount of shots to be fired into a 50lb dog. WE WANT CHANGE, Boozer deserves change, he will not die in vain.


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