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Allow Massachusetts Sunday Hunting

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  The Hunting Co. was formed to protect hunters / huntresses rights, and their pursuit of happiness in the outdoors. This is why The Hunting Co. is organizing a petition for HUNTING ON SUNDAY in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We hope demonstrate through a respectful petition that there are many who firmly believe it is there right to enjoy the woods in the form of hunting even if it is on a Sunday.

    If you buy a sporting license in Massachusetts you are being robbed of around 11 days to be in the stand, field, or blind hunting and enjoying the outdoors. Please message friends and family through social media, phone calls, tin cans, or what ever it is you use to communicate to others to sign this petition. If we are able to pass a law to reverse No Sunday Hunting, we would help out many hard-working individuals who might otherwise being missing out on the great outdoors with friends and family because of commitments with work, and family obligations.

    Last year there was a petition submitted with hundreds of signatures on it, and was a great start to move the state of Massachusetts to ALLOW SUNDAY HUNTING. This year THE HUNTING CO. seeks to further demonstrate the urge of many united outdoorsman to be out in the stand, duck blind or field on Sunday. We wish to show that we are much more organized in our efforts, and are very eager to see this law changed.

    The largest of many points in favor of allowing Sunday hunting is that a great deal of the commonwealth working men and woman work from 9-5 Monday through Friday, and in many cases Saturday as well. If you are a hunter or huntress this allows very little to no time to enjoy what many consider as a God given right to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. This statute is unfair to the common man. Not only does it take away from ones leisure time with friends and family, but also takes food off of their tables. Sunday hunting would also give many of these hardworking individuals precious time on already short seasons to provide extra sustenance for their families.

    The next main point is that the No Sunday Hunting is essentially an old “Blue Law” that forbid the commonwealth from hunting on Sunday because it was considered a form off work, which in Christianity was considered, “the Lords Day.” In our country we have separation of church and state which would in fact make this statute unconstitutional. Laws and Statutes mean what they mean when they are written. Now we have groups that try to make the claim that this law allows others to enjoy the forests as well, but this aims to say that hunters should have less of a right to the forest then other naturalists. This aims to insinuate that hunters would disturb others enjoyment of the woods, but as we know most of the time hikers never even see us because we are camouflaged and are required to be a safe distance away from trails. Massachusetts is one of the last remaining states that do not allow Sunday hunting. Please help us change this law and ALLOW SUNDAY HUNTING.

   Attached to this document you will find copies of names, statements, and many more reasons from hunters and hunting supporters why this should be changed. Please hear our voice, and help us protect the hunters and huntresses rights, and their pursuit of happiness. In that we thank you for your time and consideration.



(Please make your statement and reasons for allowing Sunday hunting clear, and as well written as possible. Join THE HUNTING CO. in making a positive difference for the outdoorsman of Massachusetts.)

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