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End Cosmetic Animal Testing in the United States

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     Every year as many as 100 million animals die due to animal testing in areas such as biological research and safety testing.  The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion industry that contributes to these numbers by testing on animals for irritants and toxins in their products.  Even though animal testing is not required by law in the United States, companies continue to use this method to ensure the safety of their products rather than formulating their products without the harsh ingredients that cause these safety concerns.  Today, many cosmetics companies formulate their products with ingredients that have a history of being safe for use, but large companies like Maybelline, L'Oreal, and Revlon are some of the outliers.  Animals that are put through these tests are rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, dogs, cats, and more.

Some of the tests are, but not limited to, the following (pulled from the following fact sheet):

  • Skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed onto the shaved skin or dripped into the eyes of restrained rabbits without any pain relief
  • Repeated force-feeding studies lasting weeks or months to look for signs of general illness or specific health hazards such as cancer or birth defects
  • Widely condemned "lethal dose" tests, in which animals are forced to swallow large amounts of a test chemical to determine the dose that causes death.

Before you purchase cosmetics from non-cruelty-free companies, please review this fact sheet!

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