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The Humane Society of Charles County: Cancel the HSCC July '13 Sale, and All Future Sales and Free Giveaways of Kittens, Dogs, and Cats

Animals are not objects. They are not toys to be passed from person to person. Animals are family members.

The Humane Society of Charles County, Maryland, believes this wholeheartedly--but it is currently going about business in a manner that is bound to place great risk and potential harm on the very animals it aims to adopt out.

The Humane Society of Charles County (HSCC), located in Charles County, Maryland, has announced that it is offering a giveaway of adult cats, and that it will offer kittens for $10. Dogs will be adopted out for a cost of $20.

Let the implications of this sink in for a moment. This policy is a potential goldmine for those would-be adopters who seek to acquire animals for fighting purposes, as well as for those adopters who may otherwise neglect and/or abuse animals--whether it be their initial intention or not. We simply cannot allow animals (who are themselves helpless and dependent upon us to hold their best interests in mind with utmost vigilance) to be handed out in a way that only solves a short-term problem--in this case shelter overcrowding.

The society claims that it maintains the same requirements for adoption that it always has, but there is no fathomable way that this is believable considering the incredible volume of homeless animals it houses. Even were this the case, the shelter does not have the means to conduct adequate checks on potential adopters in the first place, let alone considering the sudden rush of available homes which are likely in the event of this type of "sale." The type of sale that has been announced reveals desperation (and rightfully so, as the shelter has an incredible task which it normally faces with utmost vigor and execution), but it reveals a move being made that does not place the long-term well being of the animals in the forefront.

The HSCC recently adjusted its policy on euthanasia and aims to endorse a no-kill philosophy. Animals are transferred out only as a last resort, as they are often euthanized as a result. This is a wonderful goal and worthy of utmost admiration, but the effects of the policy are not being handled properly in instituting a sale of animals in an effort to free up shelter space.

When a potential adopter comes into the facility who has been unable to afford or inadequately motivated to stop by for a new family member prior to hearing about a "sale" or "giveaway," I find it highly difficult to fathom that said individual is appropriately motivated or prepared to adopt a pet at all.

What's more, individuals who succumb to the urge to adopt a pet based upon impulse create a worst-case-scenario. This leads to animals who are later forgotten about, dumped on the side of the road, handed off again to whoever is willing to take them, or brought right back to where they began--the shelter. This is awful, and we cannot attempt to solve any problem in a way that simply creates another.

Further, people who cannot afford or who are otherwise unwilling to meet regular adoption fees are not likely fit pet-parents when considering the long-term and constant financial commitment involved in owning a pet, which ranges from everyday care/maintenance to exorbitant medical costs--which often come about unexpectedly. In a case where the only reason someone finds her or his way into the shelter is due to an animal sale, said person should be denied the ability to adopt based on that circumstance alone. This should be considered a "red flag." Or five.

Please sign this petition to protect the animals. This is a petition written with utmost caring for animals and with perspective into the long-term future of some of these "handed out" animals.

Let's ensure that our homeless animals not only find homes, but that they find homes that are genuinely ready to welcome and embrace a new family member for life. A forever home.

Anything less is unacceptable.


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